Membership & Pricing

All of our membership levels are designed to provide you with a hassle free environment to get creative, network with your peers, and get things done! We don’t want you to have to worry about the number of copies you made this month, or is there any coffee available, or even is there something to read when you need a break.

All membership levels include:
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Wireless (Wifi) or Wired Networking
  • Basic Print/Fax/Scan
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Great Coworkers!

Membership Levels

3 “Freebie Days” – $0/day (9am – 5pm)

You have trouble working at home when the kids are off of school or you need a new place to rediscover your Mojo…. Yah Baby!!!!!! Well come enjoy 3 free days of coworking! It’s a great way to come by and check us out. Get out of the house, avoid the hassle of finding a plug at the coffee shop and come on over to Business Playce! Find an empty desk, or a comfortable chair, or spread out in an empty conference room and interact with all the friendly coworkers. Oh yeah, and get things done!

Hermit Daily Drop-In – $20/day (9am – 5pm)

So your “3 Freebie Days” have expired. You’re still not convinced, or it’s that you only need a getaway from the home office every once in awhile. That’s okay, we’d love to have you back! You can keep on dropping in for as little as $20 a day.

Part Time Coworker – $125/month (9am – 5 pm)

You’ve tried us out and see the value in working here on a more regular basis. Pick up to 8 days per month, grab a desk and get working. You’ll be added to the “Who’s Coworking” area of our website. Oh yeah and an added benefit of this membership is the ability to reserve up to 4 hours per month of conference room use at a discounted rate of $15.00 per hour

Full Time Coworker – $225/month + deposit (24/7 access)

So you drank the “Kool-Aid” and know this is where you want to spend your days! Oh you’re a night owl? That’s okay because you have 24/7 access! You get a dedicated desk. That’s right! Bring your pictures, because it’s your space in a great environment. As an added bonus of being a full time coworker you get 4 hours of conference room use per month.

Private Office – Starting from $400/month + deposit (24/7 access)

So you enjoy the coworking environment but are in need of a little more privacy. Well, 1 of our 4 private offices may be the right answer for you. You’ll also receive the added bonus of 4 hours of conference room use per month.

Presence Membership – $25.00 per month

You don’t want the UPS guy showing up to your house every day, and want to have a real “Brick and Mortar” address. That’s right you get to use our address, fax number etc.. We’ll even email you to let you know when a package or mail has arrived for you.

Executive Conference Room – $25/hour

Our Executive Conference Room has seating for 8, a whiteboard and a plasma display for your presentations. With stylish and comfortable furniture you are sure to impress your clients!

Large Conference Room – $35/hour

Our Large Conference Room can be set up in at least three different ways. In traditional conference room set up it can seat as many as 18. It can be set up for a seminar/training with seating for 15. It can also be used for group meetings with chairs only easily seating 25 people. This conference room has a whiteboard, LCD Projector, stylish and comfortable furniture.

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