Friday update

So what a week this was.

I spent most of the early part of the week touching up the space, finishing up the website….a web developer I am NOT.

My hope is that one day soon I’ll have some developers in the space that might want to barter a bit!

Wednesday and Thursday saw me up in Baltimore and DC for meetings, drinks and dinners. I still have to do my real job in order to see the coworking thing accelerate. Its funny yesterday I had 4 hours to kill up near Dulles airport as I was waiting for my mother and sister to fly back from Europe and I was bummin…… I had to go to the Hyatt and pay for a drink and some food in order to have a place where I could get some work done while i was waiting. I was totally jonesin for my coworking space!

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Thursday doldrums

Just got back to the office from a 2 day Microsoft Partern Program. Whats so funny is that yesterday they were saying VISTA VISTA VISTA…push it, sell it….promote it…. Yet at the Microsoft Developers Conference they are announcing that Vista was a mistake and they are coming out with Windows 7. Go figure…

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