About Us

Business Playce is a work place that embodies the core values of coworking. It’s important to differentiate between “Co-Working” and coworking. “Co-Working” is multiple employees working on the same program, project or goal. Coworking is a group of people working in different industries, on separate programs, projects, but with an interest in fostering success of the greater community.

Some of the key attributes of coworking include:

  • Community – This is the most important aspect of coworking! Community provides the social interaction we all desire and need, but so often lack when working from home.
  • Collaboration – In the coworking setting your peers are people from all different walks of life. The ability to get advice, network and bounce ideas off of people is key!
  • Coalition – People care about you! People have your back. You are part of something cool and sustainable.
  • Cohesive – The sense of organization, and “oneness” that occurs while still encouraging independence!

As individual businesses/companies each of you will bring your own values to the table. There are good people here. Come and meet them!

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