Business Playce Celebrates it’s first year of business

It’s been a little more then a year since we opened our doors to serve the small business, solopreneur, web developer, open source, and everyone else who doesn’t fit into a ready made made mold/label. During that year we grew from our initial 1250 square feet to 2500 square feet, have made some changes and learned a lot of lessons.

Over the past year we have hosted conferences that ranged from multi-level marketing, open source hack fests, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Professional Firefighters Unions, Safety Seminars, CPR Classes, Lactation Seminars, Landscaping Seminar’s, Art Classes, History Classes. As I write this there is a town hall/political action committee meeting of Bail Bondsman taking place!

We’ve had drop-ins and members that included; Attorney’s, Capital Asset Manager’s, Landscape architects, IT architects, web developers, graphic artists, film makers, property managers, pool company managers, independent writers, tutors, firemen, printers, multi-level marketers, sales people, event planners, telecom consultants, and many more!

We’ve had numerous open houses that have connected business with business that resulted in jobs that stayed local and may otherwise have never happened. We started and sponsored a meetup called Business in the Burg that has grown to 70 members. That’s 70 creative local business owners who may otherwise have never connected. We allow non-profits free access to our spaces for board meetings to further promote the sense of community that we are striving to create.

We’ve sponsored, Pink Slip Specials (and still do) which allow laid off workers 1 month of free 9-5 access to hang out and have some place to focus and figure out what the next step in their life is. (Maybe they will end up starting their own company)

We’ve offered numerous free work days (every day it snows, it’s free to work here), Inauguration Day was a free day, among others.

We’ve been featured in the Free Lance Star twice, Commuter Connections News Letters (We are a much greener alternative then driving 48 miles North to DC) More Blogs then can be mentioned, a local radio program, and have been mentioned as an “Alternative Work Site” by the Washington Post.

There is much work left to do! I can’t thank each of you who have been involved in our success enough! We will continue to grow and serve the creative class of our small region!

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