It’s funny that before I opened Business Playce, I just kind of wandered through life, doing my job, selling semi-conductors, writing reports, dinners with clients, and then start over again the next day.

Since opening Business Playce it’s kind of changed my focus and the way that I interact with people. I have never really been a touchy/feely kind of guy, but it seems to be changing now.

I have gotten great joy over the last 8 months of seeing people at Business Playce work alone….but together. I have seen people who had no idea that they could help each other collaborate on a project and mutually benefit from the interaction.

I have let non-profits use our space for free, only to get a board member from the non-profit come back the next day and say “I love your space and want to have a seminar there” (For money of course)

Our community is growing and we have had 41 different and unique people come through the space. Some have stayed, some have tried and left, but we strive to make each of them feel welcome and a part of our community.

It’s a pretty great feeling to give with no expectations. It’s an even better feeling to “get” as a result of someone mentioning you, etc..

All in all Karma is a pretty cool thing and there’s definitely some good Karma at Business Playce!

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