Coworking, Comarketing & Wii

Some of you are aware that thanks to Erin of Get Fresh Labs and Girls with Goals we are having a Wii tournament, Pizza Party, Idea Fest tomorrow around noon at Business Playce.  All are welcome to attend!  If you’ve been here before, have heard about us, are a member, or just want to play Wii tomorrow instead of working.  If you plan on coming please let me know by 11ish… so I can order pizza.  If you don’t want pizza, still let me know, but if you absolutely can’t let me know, stop by anyway!

One of the items that will be on the whiteboard tomorrow for discussion in between kick ass rounds of Wii Lawn Darts and Wii Bowling will be “Comarketing” and “Cobranding”!

I am trying to build Business Playce as a brand.  We’ve been successful to this point, sure we’d like more business, but people know about us, think about us, talk about us and hang out here.  ALL of our branding success has been because of you, the community that is Business Playce!  Your success is my success!  Andrew Flusche’s meets with clients here who get exposed to us, Danny Carmical of Lucky Kind Design brings his clients here and introduces them to a space they never would have known existed.  Ash of Studio95desgin brings in clients for meetings who think wow…..

I think it’s time to build a Business Playce Yellow Pages of sorts.  In the idea of bringing more people to Business Playce, I want to make Business Playce not only a place you can have an office, a meeting, a seminar, set up a geek shop, etc..etc… but also get everything done for your business you could imagine.  Think of it this way.  Business Playce will be the “Brick & Mortar” location for your virtual business.

So if you’re interested in community, interested in fun, like nice and fun people, want to grow your business then we’ll see you tomorrow around lunch time!

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  1. carmelNo Gravatar
    Posted July 5, 2009 at 6:54 am | Permalink

    Would your company be interested in buying the URL? My company no longer needs it.

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