How’s your elevator pitch?

Do you have an elevator pitch?  Do you know what one is?  My definition of an elevator pitch is a quick 15-30 second overview of you, your business, your next great idea, the one thing you want someone to remember about you.

Elevator pitches don’t have to be used only in an elevator, they can be used at the grocery store, church, a chamber meeting a cocktail party or a networking event.  We’ve all been in the situation before where introductions are done, and the next obvious question is “What kind of work do you do?”  When this situation presents itself you have a few options.   You can respond with the typical I”m a small business owner, or whatever your profession is.  That sort of response only lends itself to further discussion if the person you are talking with is extremely gregarious and will pull further information from you.  Instead I would propose that you craft an Elevator Pitch and be ready to respond.  How does this sound?  I’m a serial entrepreneur, always looking around to find an under-served market, service that’s not being provided, or niche that hasn’t been filled.

My personal pitch goes something like this.  I own a coworking office, that provides high quality, professional office, conference and seminar spaces to small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs.  If that doesn’t elicit at least a question then chances are the person you’re talking to isn’t really alive anyways.

Think about your pitch, work on it, memorize it, and be ready to follow up with more information!

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