Snow Day Special at Businessplayce

In case you haven’t been watching the news this weekend, there is a Snowstorm coming tonite and into Monday. Forecasters are calling for 6+ inches of the white stuff.

If you are one of the lucky locals who have to travel up the road for your job, you face a daunting task come Monday morning. So here’s an alternative. Come to Businessplayce tomorrow and spend the day with us. We’ll cut the rate to $10.00 and call it a snowday special. Heck, we’ll even order pizza for lunch.

So what do you do to take advantage of this deal? First email us or send me a tweet @businessplayce. Call or email your boss and let them know that in the interest of safety and because you still are so dedicated to your job that you’ll be coworking on Monday. Bring your laptop, bring a sense of adventure, bring a project that you’re stuck on and ask for some advice. Be nice, open and ready for a new way to work.

Remember coworking works, because working alone sucks! However, working at home when you’re kids are off school sucks even more!

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