AT & T Version of Motorola Q 9h global review

I am without a doubt a serious a slave to my mobile phone. I typically use in excess of 2000 minutes per month, I receive/reply to 150+ emails per day on my phone, post 10-30 times per day to Twitter, send 10-100 text messages, send receive 100s of AIM messages and do dozens of mobile searches on the Internet.

I recently purchased the Moto Q9H after my HTC Tilt was stolen. I chose the Q9 mainly because I wanted the QWERTY keyboard on the front of the phone vs: having slide the keyboard out. Totally a personal preference choice.

Now I could delve into all of the technical aspects of this phone, but if you’re like me you just want to know what works and what doesn’t. Aspects that I find negative are in RED.

1. The Battery. Kudo’s to AT&T; for shipping this phone with 2 batteries. This is AWESOME. With this option I can easily go on the road for 2 days with no need to bring my charger!
2. Feel of phone. The phone feels solid! It’s got some heft to it, but is not to heavy to feel uncomfortable in my front pocket. While I’ve not dropped the phone yet, the solid construction reassures me that if (scratch that…when) I drop it, it should survive in tact.
3. The keyboard. The keyboard is easy to master and well laid out. Quick function keys allow the user to switch between caps and lower case with one button. It allows the user to quickly go from letters to numbers as well as the everyday symbols # & * ! @ etc…. The keys themselves have a nice tactile response. The keys are backlit in a “Cool” blue color. Unfortunately in certain situations the brightness is not that great. I find myself having to tilt and adjust the angle of the screen to see the keys sometimes. Perhaps it’s my aging eyes! Most “power” users of smart phones use the contact and calendar features frequently. This phone has one touch buttons for access to the Calendar, Web Browser, Email, Contacts, Music, Camera and Speaker Phone. Definitely a plus!!!
4. Reception. ummmm EXCELLENT!!! This phone works in my basement and in the furthest reaches of my rural county. Recently while in Las Vegas my phone worked in elevators, in the convention center and places where my other phones have failed me.
5. Screen. Okay I’m not expecting the display to be as good as say my 22″ HP Monitor. After all this screen is only 2.4″. It is adequate for what it is. It’s great for email, twitter, AIM, and texting. It lacks for web browsing. I’ve used both IE and Opera browsers. Opera definitely is better. Lets just say the screen is adequate for quick searches, but you’re not going to do any extended web browsing here.
6. Windows 6.1 Okay here’s where it gets bad… but it’s NOT Motorola’s fault as near as I can tell. AT&T; has disabled/hidden many of the best features of WM 6.1 in the phone. For starters if you use Windows Office Live (Hotmail) as your hosted email, this phone will not allow for push email as delivered by AT&T.; Yes you can access your email from the web interface, but as I already wrote above this phone is not designed for a great web browsing experience. There is a work around but it requires downloading a cab from the HTC XDA forum. This however is not the way it should work! Are you listening AT&T;?

Overall this is a quality phone. I am hooked on Windows Mobile Devices, partly because I want to buck the iPHONE trend, partly because I love QWERTY keyboards. This phone works for me as a mobile messenger, email client and yes as my quick on the road web browser! I am however looking forward to the “New WM 6.5”!

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  1. MBZNo Gravatar
    Posted March 6, 2009 at 7:47 am | Permalink

    Great review! I can’t wait for 6.5 either.

  2. CHNo Gravatar
    Posted March 12, 2009 at 10:45 pm | Permalink

    I had the same problem you mention with Live Hotmail on my Samsung Blackjack II also running Windows Mobile 6.1. I found a way to make it work and I bet it’ll work for you, too. I had installed Hotmail using the new pop3 access, but this is garbage when compared to the native connection.

    I had to reset my phone to clear off the old version of Hotmail. Then I downloaded Live Search. When you sign into Live Search, it automatically installs the good version of Live Hotmail with the ability to set it to push. Worked like a charm for me once I figured it out.

    Try this, I get it’ll work for you too. Let me know if it works since I’m still interested in getting this phone.

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