Pink Slip Special …. Calling all Entrepreneurs

Are you one of the chosen few who has gotten a pink slip in the last month or so? The way I see things there are 3 roads that someone who is laid off can follow.

  1. Look for another job.
  2. Look for another job, get frustrated and quit looking. Quit getting up in the morning, start to drink heavily and to excess, bemoan corporate greed, and let your life completely unravel.
  3. Become an Entrepreneur. (I like this idea the best, or maybe number 1)
  • Pursue that idea that you’ve had for years but never had the real opportunity to do anything about. I mean seriously some crazy things have made people a lot of money. Some friends just told me the other day about a guy who’s made $10s of thousands of dollars by developing a “Flatuence App” for the iPHONE. (if you don’t know what flatuence are then… ummm just stop reading)
  • Wasn’t there something at your last job that could have been better? Something the company wasn’t doing that you know customers would want? Maybe there’s a career in putting that on paper and selling it to your former employer or the competition. Maybe you have the clients and contacts and can start your own deal and do it better.
  • Is there something that you have always wanted to buy, do, eat, drink, etc… but it’s not available in the area? That may be the next big thing and it’s waiting on you!

I know you’re saying by now “Enough already, what is the Pink Slip Special?”

In the interest of stimulating the economy, building buzz, giving back, making something happen, Businessplayce is offering a Pink Slip Special to local folks who have been laid off in the last few months.

For a limited time, first time visitors to Businessplayce who can show proof (or otherwise convince me) that they were laid off can get a free one month daily drop in membership at Businessplayce. (Don’t laugh it’s at least $175.00 value)

What do you get from Businessplayce? You get a shared desk (First come first served). You get free wi-fi, free wireless printing (Please don’t print your thesis) You get a professional environment to launch your next big thing. You get the chance to network and interact with others; you get the chance to be part of a strong and fun community.

So what do you do to participate? Check us out on the web Next put on your best pair of jeans, have a great attitude, grab your laptop come in and make it happen!

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  1. CODNo Gravatar
    Posted February 20, 2009 at 7:13 am | Permalink

    This is a great idea. Almost makes me wished I was laid off 😉

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